The Best Backpacking Chair Ever Invented

Alite Designs’ Monarch chair is w/o a doubt, the best backcountry chair ever made – light, stable on any grade, bomber. That’s the good news. Bad news is you’ll never own 1 because they went out of business. We have 2, including an early prototype from OR we call the cow chair.

Best Thing In The Backcountry Since Sliced Bread?

We’re not saying the Omnia Stove is the best backcountry invention since the, um, sleeping bag. But we’re not saying it isn’t. At 1.1 lbs, it certainly beats lugging a cast iron dutch oven into the backcountry. If it works as advertised, game changer. We’ll let you know once we test one out.

Backcountry Avalanche Deaths

With the rush to buy backcountry gear this winter, we pulled some stats about yearly avalanche deaths over the last decade. And we’re here to tell you, the safest thing to do in the backcountry folks, is “Other”. And snowboarding. Stay off the skis and snowmobiles folks. Be safe.

Garmin Fenix

Friend of ours once went looking for peyote in the Chihuahuan Desert. Took hours to find the 1st one, but then, they appeared everywhere. We feel the same way about all the new GPS in feeds suddenly. Everyone has one, but us. @highsteph has been showing off her @GarminOutdoor