Throwback Tuesday

Just a reminder that ICER Air used to truck snow into AT&T park and it was fun.

Coree Woltering Is Pretty Fast

Ultrarunner Coree Woltering @GCXC13 broke the 1,147 mi Ice Age Trail FKT w/ a time of 21 days, 13 hrs, 35 min fueled by 8K daily calories of Kwik Trip gas station meals of burgers, chicken sandwchs, & 50 cans ea of Campbellā€™s Chkn & Stars Soup & Spaghettios

Garmin Fenix

Friend of ours once went looking for peyote in the Chihuahuan Desert. Took hours to find the 1st one, but then, they appeared everywhere. We feel the same way about all the new GPS in feeds suddenly. Everyone has one, but us. @highsteph has been showing off her @GarminOutdoor