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Fall Colors In California?
Recommendations on the best places in California to see fall colors.
Destinations: Everglades: A Park in Danger
Although the Everglades as a National Park is protected because of the dynamic nature of its ecosystem, it is threatened by outside pressures.

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Backpack: In Camp: Campfire: in the Rain
Starting a fire in the rain can be a challenge, but it can be done with a little persistance.
Backpack: Food & Water: Plan Meals
Food takes on a whole new meaning in the backcountry. Not only is it your fuel for the day, but cooking often turns into the evening entertainment.

Learn About Health  ( more health articles )

Emergencies: Allergic Reaction
A severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) can be life threatening. Caused by exposure to insect and animal venoms, plant products, medications.
Women: Peeing on a Rope and other Bodily Functions
Simple bodily functions can take on epic proportion when above 8000m or hanging from a wall 2000 ft. above the ground.

Meals  ( more meals articles )

Tips and Techniques: Food Security- All Creatures Great and Small
In bearcountry, secure all food, including freeze-dried and canned foods, beverages, and odorous items such as soap, toothpaste, and sunscreen.
Tips and Techniques: Leave No Trace Meal Planning
Meal planning is one element of trip planning that can have a profound effect on the impact a group has on a backcountry area.

Meals Topics:  Tips and Techniques;

Get to Know Your Gear  ( more gear articles )

Women: Mountaineering Boots
Mountaineering boots finally come in sizes and designs for women. To get the best boot, you will need to determine what terrain and type of climbing.
Tent: Which Tent to Buy?
In choosing a tent, decide which type of activity you do the most - from trekking in the jungle to high-altitude mountaineering.

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