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Volunteer: Finding Hope in the Wilderness
For troubled urban teens, a backcountry hike with Big City Mountaineerscan be a transforming journey.
Destinations: McDonalds and Mont Blanc
Looking back on our climb up the tallest mountain in Europe, it all started out so innocently. As climbs usually do.

Gain New Skills  ( more skills articles )

Backpack: In Camp: Women's Sanitation Concerns
For menstruating women, a baggie system works well to pack out tampons, pads, and other items.
Ice Climbing: Roped Climbing: Belaying on Ice
As in other forms of roped climbing, ice climbers may use running belays or fixed belays. They also have the use of boot/ice-screw belay techniques.

Learn About Health  ( more health articles )

Prevention: Prevent Frostbite
Prevention is no more important for any other area of outdoor health than for frostbite. Keep body parts from cooling and freezing.
First Aid: Blisters (friction)
Blisters are common maladies that face hikers of all experience levels. When a "hot spot" suddenly feels better, the blister cushion has formed.

Meals  ( more meals articles )

Tips and Techniques: Step-by-Step Food Drying
There is something satisfying and miraculous about the metamorphosis involved in food drying.
Tips and Techniques: Food Security- All Creatures Great and Small
In bearcountry, secure all food, including freeze-dried and canned foods, beverages, and odorous items such as soap, toothpaste, and sunscreen.

Meals Topics:  Tips and Techniques;

Get to Know Your Gear  ( more gear articles )

Sleeping Bag: Understanding Sleeping Bags
No one wants to be uncomfortably hot or cold when trying to sleep, especially after a long day of hiking on the trail.
Boots: Caring for Your Boots
Special care should be taken when drying wet boots. Once dry, leather boots should be treated to restore suppleness and water repellency.

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