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Volunteer: A New Era for the Forest Service?
The Forest Service?s Recreation Agenda signals a shift from logging to trails.
Volunteer: Peace Corps Announces New Information Technology Initiative
Peace Corps expands role in bringing the power of information technology to the task of poverty reduction in developing countries.

Gain New Skills  ( more skills articles )

Glacier Travel: Fundamentals: Crossing a Crevasse Field
Climbers have a number of ways to get safely across a field of crevasses. Adapt the techniques described here as needed in the field.
Backpack: Staying Found: Why Carry a Compass?
While, for many, the compass rarely makes it out of the pack, it becomes indispensable in foul weather, complex routes, or when you lose your way.

Learn About Health  ( more health articles )

Women: Prevention and Treatment of Blisters and Boot Bang
An ill-fitting boot can ruin a hiking trip like a run-in with a skunk. Prevention is better, but treatment is effective once the damage is done.
Emergencies: Near-Drowning
A person who has been submersed under water and who is still alive is said to have been "near-drowned."

Meals  ( more meals articles )

Tips and Techniques: Food Security- All Creatures Great and Small
In bearcountry, secure all food, including freeze-dried and canned foods, beverages, and odorous items such as soap, toothpaste, and sunscreen.
Tips and Techniques: Step-by-Step Food Drying
There is something satisfying and miraculous about the metamorphosis involved in food drying.

Meals Topics:  Tips and Techniques;

Get to Know Your Gear  ( more gear articles )

Boots: Understanding Boots
More backpacking trips are ruined by sore feet than by all other causes combined. Feet need care and protection.
Sleeping Bag: Which Sleeeping Bag to Buy?
Your sleeping bag must keep you warm at night. Beyond warmth, additional considerations include weight, shape style, fit and fill.

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