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Destinations: Exploring Shenandoah NP
When visiting Shenandoah NP, there are many different ways to experience the park - by car, by horse, by foot. Any mode will satisfy your interests.
Destinations: Exotic Plant Species
The invasion of exotic species is one of the most serious threats that parks face today.

Gain New Skills  ( more skills articles )

Backpack: Bear Country: Camping & Food Security
In bearcountry, secure all food, including freeze-dried and canned foods, beverages, and odorous items such as soap, toothpaste, and sunscreen.
Mountaineering Basics: Belaying: An Introduction
Belaying is a bedrock technique of climbing safety, a system of using a rope to stop a fall if one should occur.

Learn About Health  ( more health articles )

Women: Prevention and Treatment of Blisters and Boot Bang
An ill-fitting boot can ruin a hiking trip like a run-in with a skunk. Prevention is better, but treatment is effective once the damage is done.
First Aid: First Aid Kit
What you carry in your first aid kit depends on where you will be traveling and the activities you will be performing.

Meals  ( more meals articles )

Tips and Techniques: Leave No Trace Meal Planning
Meal planning is one element of trip planning that can have a profound effect on the impact a group has on a backcountry area.
Tips and Techniques: Dehydrating Foods at Home - Getting Started
Preserving food by drying is as old as mankind. Laying meat and berries out served people well for thousands of years, and the technique still works.

Meals Topics:  Tips and Techniques;

Get to Know Your Gear  ( more gear articles )

Gear Intro: Gear Intro
In packing for a wilderness trip, it's a simple matter of take it or leave it. The idea is to take what you need and to leave the rest at home.
Sleeping Bag: Understanding Sleeping Bags
No one wants to be uncomfortably hot or cold when trying to sleep, especially after a long day of hiking on the trail.

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