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Caines Head State Recreation Area

Caines Head State Recreation Area, the scenic site of an abandoned World War II fort, can be reached by boat or foot from Seward. The massive headland rises 650 feet above Resurrection Bay, against a backdrop of rolling alpine meadows and sharp peaks, giving way to a sweeping view of the North Pacific Ocean. The shale-covered, forest-framed beaches of Caines Head have long been stopping points for boaters and fisherman. But early in World War II, as the territory of Alaska was attacked and occupied by Imperial Japanese ground forces, Caines Head and other Resurrection Bay vantages became strategic spots for defending the Port of Seward. The port was the southern terminus of the Alaska Railroad, a critical supply line for the war effort and for Alaskans.

Recommended Activities

  • Follow the coastal trail where you can see sweeping views of Resurrection Bay and the North Pacific Ocean.
  • Walk along historic roadbeds leading to Fort McGilvray and South Beach.
  • Explore the remains of the old ammunitions magazines and the bog meadows with their unique forms of plant life.
  • Bring binoculars and stroll along the beach observing the great variety of marine life and waterfowl.

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