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Caines Head State Recreation Area

Operating Hours
Open year-round.

Highest June-September; Lowest October-May.

No permit needed.

Visitors Center and Programs
Visitor Center: There is no visitor center; however there is a ranger station, staffed seasonally, located near the north end of the beach.

Food Supplies and Concessions
Food Supplies: Food is not available within the Recreation Area. Drinking water is scarce at times; there are few year-round sources. All water must be boiled at least five minutes to avoid ingesting parasites common to Alaskan surface waters.

Concessions: There are no concessions available.

Visitor Impact
Bears and other wildlife can be dangerous. Keep a clean camp and wash food odors from your hands and clothing. Never cook or take food into your tent and store food away from camp, suspended high in a tree. Do not camp on game trails.

Do not walk on or disturb the buildings at South Beach. They are not safe.

Additional Information

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